Although our games are released commercially, the small amount of profit that we make only goes some way to recouping the time and effort spent developing them and the costs that we incur to release the physical editions and put together the packaging (all done by myself, by hand!).

By supporting Cavern Games on Patreon at you can be a part of the development of our future games, and your support will allow us to include even more innovative features in our projects that we otherwise could not have included without you.

Supporters are also rewarded with extra content, including:

  • Behind the Scenes Development Blogs: Go behind the scenes of the development process, with exclusive screenshots and insight into how the games are progressing
  • Retro Hardware Show and Tell: We explore some of the other exciting retro computer and video game hardware that we have here at Cavern Games.

In addition, some tier backers are rewarded with:

  • Your Name in the Credits: Your name will appear in the credits of all our future games!
  • Free Games: Receive free downloads or physical editions of our games (depending on which tier you backed).

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