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Magnum: Clean Shot goes on sale on Saturday!

Our brand new gangster-themed shoot-em-up, Magnum: Clean Shot will be released on Saturday 20th July.

The first batch produced will also include four limited edition postcards, featuring artwork of some of the bosses from the game, so be sure to snap up your copy quickly to ensure that you get them.

We recommend for non-UK customers to purchase the game via our eBay store (link to follow on Saturday). This is advised as it will allow you to see and pay for any applicable import fees up front when you purchase, rather than receiving any nasty surprises when the game arrives in your country.

Physical Games Back in Stock

A small number of physical edition copies of both Tengu and the original Bikers release are now available to purchase from the shop. There are left over stock from our recent visit to the Revival 2024 event – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

We also still have physical copies of Bikers Deluxe available, but once again these are selling out fast and probably won’t be reproduced for a while as we will be switching production over to our new game – Magnum: Clean Shot in the next few weeks.

Bikers Deluxe Physical Edition – Now In Stock

I’m pleased to announce that a new run of the Bikers Deluxe Physical edition is now available to purchase! This is an enhanced physical edition of Bikers that contains not just the game, but also an audio CD featuring a re-imagined and fully sequenced version of the Bikers soundtrack by A Man in his Technoshed, along with a behind-the-scenes development diary on the SD card.

Non-UK customers – we recommend purchasing via our eBay store otherwise you may face additional customs charges on import.

Coming soon – Magnum: Clean Shot

Cavern Games was present at the recent Crash Live 2023 even to show off our current game project – Magnum: Clean Shot.

Set in 1930s gangster era, our new game is a shooting game with a first-person perspective, and heavily inspired by the Master System and arcade game ‘Dead Angle’

The game will support both joypads/sticks, keyboard and mouse control.

The current plan is for physical and digital releases sometime in the first half of 2024. Watch this space for more info!